Georgia In the Jungle

Exploring the  unknown and escaping the ordinary



This is my online portfolio and journal documenting my travels and experiences across the globe. 

Having recently returned from a marketing internship in the Galapagos Islands where I was in charge of writing a blog (published biweekly) and proving images for social media. I have published a selection of my blogs on here and all opinions made are purely my own and have no reflection on the company I was working for.  My internship sparked an interest in eco-tourism and conservation - it illustrated the importance of what we have on earth and how vital we are to the long-term preservation and success of these unique habitats.

I feel privileged to have lived for a period of my childhood in Kampala, Uganda. It is from this that my passion for travel has derived and since then I have been enhancing my knowledge of travel. For example, the last three summers I have taken up a job in America working as a lifeguard and bunk counsellor. This involved teaching campers aged 7-15 a range of water front activities and assisting in overnight trips along the river. I believe that this period of time spent in the States allowed me to experience at first hand the variety within American culture. 

I am a brand ambassador for Sand Cloud -  a company selling beautiful beach items including towels, t-shirts with a mission to save marine life. 10% of the profits are donated to non-profits that support out mission. If you want 25% off at any products please feel free to use my ambassador code - GeorgiaBe25